To Our Valued Clients and Stakeholders

From the start, we enjoyed creating something new and picked the noble human resources industry to venture a unique business model where people are the core focal point of products and services.

We believe in relationships, not transactions, putting people at the center of winning solutions. With that in mind, we managed to build strong relationships and create Dynamics Partners’advocates for life.

Through Our Motto: Right Values Big Results we have managed to make the difference in people’s lives and build a name, which raised us to a global platform.

With the ambition to face the challenge of what comes next, we will continue to exceed your expectations as a trusted partner on your way to success.
Thank you for choosing us!

Monika Farka




Provide exceptional services to organizations and individuals in defining and achieving their strategic vision, enabling sustained success for all stakeholders.


Founded with a distinctive vision in achieving two main objectives: lead our profession in creating value for our clients, and become a pre-eminent local consultancy named in the highest regard. We strive to build upon our success and strengthen our position as a leading regional group, focused in business consulting and outsourcing solutions, within the full talent supply chain specter.


At Dynamics Partners we place great importance on our company values, at the core of which is ethics and professionalism. We also actively promote a culture of continual learning, and are driven by a commitment to excel in everything we do. Here is what our values mean to us:


Our people are qualified professionals working in a partnership culture where knowledge is shared and enhanced. We credit our strength to our People. Their personal branding identifies our firm.


Focused on quality and insight, our business model facilitates a customized approach towards our customers’ needs, while consistently improving ourselves and positively encourage feedback.


Partnership is the foundation of our consulting approach. We appreciate our clients’ knowledge and experience and carry out precise and systematic needs’ analysis, which earns us the trusted partner status.


We work to build trustful relationships by taking responsibility, acting ethically and professionally.
We encourage open and honest interaction while assuring utmost confidentiality.


We provide unbiased advice to our customers and inform them in advance on any conflicts of interest or uncertain scope of work.


Dynamics Partners represents today an integrative platform of 3 successful business lines:

SME Advisory and Outsourcing Services offered under its own well-known brand and Human Capital Advisory under the AIMS International brand.

Dynamics Partners is also a proud founder and sponsor of CGIA, a unique think tank supported by IFC, providing practical advice and best practice governance education to current and aspiring directors and other stakeholders.

Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive set of capabilities that can be perfectly combined to accomplish objectives of our clients. This expertise enables us to approach every client engagement with a specialized team of dedicated and experienced professionals, who can draw on years of experience advising on key strategic issues. In addition to our in-house resources, through our top professionals network we can quickly deploy best expertise in the region meeting any challenge our clients may face, by continually exceeding our clients expectations.


A high quality team of Consultants & Associates stands behind each solution we deliver. Thanks to the support of the Research Team and to the interfacing with CGIA we are able to satisfy any requests of clients regardless of their business area. Back Office provides support to all consulting and outsourcing solutions, ensuring flawless operation of individual consulting companies, enabling individual consulting teams fully concentrate on delivering solutions to clients.

Monika Farka
Ledi Leka
Erleta Kastrati
Borana Barjami
Endri Ndoni
Fatjona Mina
Marlind Farka


We are strongly committed to best governance, as we believe that only by being transparent about the organization, standards and decision-making process we can gain and keep the trust of our employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Following the principles of good corporate governance we have established structures, so that all stakeholders acknowledge that we keep our business in a good standing and feel certainty that our companies are managed responsibly.

Dynamics Partners is governed by the Advisory Board, chaired by the founder, Mrs Monika Farka. From this position she is responsible for strengthening consulting portfolio and for creating synergic solutions between our brands as well as other business partners. The Advisory Board directs and controls performance of companies and appoints management and Partners of individual companies. The Advisory Board and management remain fully committed to high standards of corporate governance and to responsibly conduct of the business, always advocating high ethical standards, transparency and professionalism.