SME-s are major growth drivers, representing 95% of businesses and 80% of the GDP in the region.
To grow their business they face various challenges, which often derive from their special dynamics: the majority are still led by the founder. Major factor in shaping each company’s success is transition to professional management and better governance to ensure sustainability. Based on over 15 years of consulting experience with this type of companies, our consultants work closely with owners / managers to create an environment encouraging the best decision making for them.

We focus on key issues such as:

Strategic Planning
Access to Finance
Organization Transformation
Founder Transitions
Succession Planning
Governance Review and Assessment.


Are you interested for a 360° SME health check?

SME Diagnostics

  • What stage of growth do you think your business is in?
  • How do you plan to move to the next stage?
  • What are the gaps that are stopping you from doing that?
  • Are you keen to have better access to capital?
  • How do you ensure effective decision-making?
  • How attracting and retaining high caliber managers?

We assist SME-s in problem diagnostics and solution advising at their business cycle stage, while anticipating their needs. Our clients benefit from our unique expertise as management consultants in areas like investment analysis, access to finance, strategic management, organizational restructuring, leadership and corporate governance assessment.

Our team includes experts with a unique expertise in the region gained through former board positions, in –company consultations as well as certification from EBRD and IFC on SME Analysis & Diagnostics and Governance Review. This worldwide known expertise allows us to administer powerful diagnostic tools to help build efficient systems in your organization and accelerate growth.

SME Turnaround

With increasing pressure to win the competition, success cannot be based on proven strengths alone. The ability to adapt rapidly to new situations and foresee the unforeseeable is becoming ever more decisive.

Whether you're aiming to keep growing in a given area or branch out into something completely new, our consulting team can help you implement the right decisions effectively. They find the optimum solution available, leaving you free to focus on your day-to-day business.

What is SME Turnaround?
"The sustainable transformation to viability of an underperforming organization or part of it”.
Underperforming could just as easily be an SME needing to scale up, or grasp the opportunity of internationalizing, vertical integration, or adapting to new distribution channels and technologies. It’s a step-change that needs to be executed at speed and with simplicity and focus.

Business is people

Ensuring the survival of an enterprise is a crucial goal if it is potentially viable. However, open up your thinking and get ahead of the competition by getting the right consultant alongside. He or she should have the knowledge and experience to make your company go further and help it to thrive.
Ultimately, businesses need people to focus, operate and grow real businesses. The only way to drive sustainable turnaround is by winning hearts and minds and by changing behaviors and culture.
Turnaround, from whatever starting position, sets out a road map towards better business and economic success. In a nutshell, turnaround is about one thing: people.


Transform and Grow!